Window tint

Warranty Agreement

RNB Tailored Tints “Seller” warrants that as long as you own your vehicle, the Window Film “Product” will maintain:

1. solar reflective properties without cracking, crazing, or demetalizing,

2. adhesion without blistering, bubbling or delaminating (adhesive failure) from the glass,

3. film’s color and never fade to purple.


In the event the product is found to be defective under this warranty, Seller will replace film with a comparable quantity film, if proved to be defective. Seller will also provide reapplication labor free of charge during the warranty period of coverage.


This warranty extends only to the registered owner of the vehicle at the time the Product was purchased. In order to claim the warranty service, you must present your receipt of purchase. The coverage period begins on the date the original Product was installed.


The warranty period is for the lifetime of the vehicle ownership by the original purchaser. This warranty is non-transferable, and terminates automatically upon any sale or transfer of the vehicle.


Seller shall not be liable and hereby disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, expense or cost caused or partially caused due to improper film installation, improper film application, improper film care/ cleaning or abuse; improper altercations of original manufactured product, failure due to structural defects in the window glass or surface to which the product is applied, any other acts, occurrences, defects, faults or damages not specifically caused by the action or inaction of Seller.


The foregoing is in lieu of all other express or implied warranties. This product is to be used in compliance with all applicable country, state, territory or provincial laws. Illegal installation of the product voids the warranty.